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Our Pets

We want to make sure you are completely satisfied by your choice of pet. All of our puppies come fully registered and vet certified. They undergo a wellness exam, have all the required vaccinations, and come with a personal medical record booklet.


Sire Charlie Atlas 

English Cream American Golden 

Charlie comes from European blood lines. His father comes from Ukraine and mother from Serbia. All tests of the parents are good. Charlie has a very mild temper. From the early age he is a calm, loving, and the best companion to our family. He is a handsome English Cream Golden Retriever that acts like royalty, and never lose his temper. No matter how crazy our kids around him. AKC Registered #: SS20777702OFA Hips: NormalOFA Elbows: Normal 


Dam Delilah Milah 

American Golden Retriever

Delilah is a beautiful Golden Retriever. She is a healthy and gorgeous dog. She has an adventurous personality and ready to play with you anytime. She is quick on her feet and loves to play fetch. AKC Registered #: SS16656301OFA Hips: NormalOFA Elbows: Normal 


 Dam Abigail Agnes 

English Cream Golden Retriever 

Abigail is our English Cream Golden  dam. She is the daughter of Lady Stella and Sampson. We are especially proud of Abby, she has a calm, loving personality and is extremely easygoing. AKC Registered #: SS24925406Penn Hip tested and no dysplasia found 


Sire Chester Mikhail Potapovich 

American Golden Retriever 

Chester is our American Golden Sire. He is such a handsome Red American Golden Retriever. He loves attention and to be close to you all the time. He is the Alpha of our kennel. AKC Registered #: SS25336706


Dam Lola Michal

American Golden  Retriever 

We are especially proud of Red American Golden Dam. She has a calm, loving personality and a very submissive dog. Currently she is our smallest female but she can run very fast and jump very high. AKC Registered #: SS26427704

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